Music Archives

S3M and XMs modules from about 1996 to 2000 in as best chronological order as I could recall.  Includes my four musicdisks from the time: ‘Majic’, ‘Grey’, ‘Rough Around the Edges’, and ‘Flavors of Light’.

Alternatively, the original modules in xmz and s3z can be downloaded here: [, 31mb]

MP3s from 1999-2009.  It seems a little strange to organize my music archive by filetype, but it marked the beginning of a shift in my approach to production.  At the end of the 90s I was starting to get frustrated by Fast Tracker 2’s sample limitations, and it was getting the point where I was recording long samples in which the modules were larger than the rendered MP3s themselves.  Thus began a transition away from tracking into more standard DAW workflow (starting with Sonic Foundry’s Acid).


Mostly unauthorized remixes from 1999-present.