These were a series of meticulously edited and mashed up studio mixes I did over the years, bridging the gap between my wife’s musical tastes and mine.  She came from a world of R&B and pop while my tastes lied squarely in the realm of electronic music, Drum&Bass, Breaks and IDM.  Eventually we found some common ground in house music, but I had some musical elitism to discard early in our relationship and the first mix was a fun way to merge our tastes into a chaotic mess.

I was surprised to find that some of our friends liked it as well, so I continued the series with even more overlapping, as well as occasionally splicing in movie and game audio clips of whatever we were into at the time.

Bleemix I – 2004

Bleemix II – 2006

Bleemix III – 2007

Bleemix IV – 2009


Bleemix Cover Art

Bleemix 1 Cover Bleemix 2 Cover Bleemix 3 Cover Bleemix 4 Cover


Live Mixes

These tend to be more solemn as they’re just mixes of whatever I’m into at the time, and as they’re mixed in realtime I won’t be overlapping and EQing 5 tracks with random movie clips.  These days I’m more focused on producing than mixing but I’m still holding on to the VCI-100 for when inspiration strikes.

Robots & Blues – 2015


Drum & Bass & Art & Harmony – 2015