Gatts & Schierke


Decided to learn ZBrush after learning about some fancy features it’s got over mudbox like dynamesh and insert multi mesh. I’d been reading the berserk manga so thought it’d be a good first test project to make Gatts’ berserker armor. I liked the scene where Schierke’s trying to get him back under control so thought it’d be fun to sort of recreate. I actually had it in mind to do some effects animation to go with it, so here’s a little gif of it (and by little i mean like 3mb) .

I spent a little too much time trying to make a perfect loop and ended up getting lazy about some of the particles so it’s kind of the worst of both worlds; oh well. Guess I’ll count it in as a little scene for my next demo reel update where I won’t need to worry about it looping.

2 thoughts on “Gatts & Schierke”

  1. Sweet Josh, this just got me so pumped! I still read the Berserk manga religiously and actually have all the Dark Horse Comics volumes =). Berserk was the anime that sparked my interest in anime, and that’s when I watched it at your house in like 8th grade or something, a lifetime ago! Forwarding this on to my other buddy who is a die hard fan!

    Have you caught the re-release/remake of the original anime; it’s called Golden Age Arc? It’s good but not the original!


    1. Hahah nice dude! Yeah those were good times, 711 nachos, berserk and hotseat HoMM3 😀

      Actually it was the trailer for the Golden Age Arc series that piqued my interest in reading the manga. Back in the day I had some of the original comics in Japanese but they were mostly just to look through, I never attempted to really read it back then. But having access to all of it on my tablet made it really easy to plow through. It was a lot of fun to see all of the differences between it and what I remembered from watching the anime way back when. So I figured I’d catch up with the manga before watching the new movie… only to realize the first three movies are just better quality, condensed versions of what the anime already covered. So anyway, I watched the first two (actually just watched the second one last weekend) and surprisingly found it nice to see them condense the plot and do away with a lot of the unnecessary fluff. Though I think the increased pace also makes it harder to develop a connection with more of the minor characters.

      Anyway, really excited to see what they do with the third movie since it looks like they’re not holding back on anything explicit so far. And also to see where they go after that – I read somewhere that they plan to continue it past where the original anime left off. Seeing characters like Farnese and Schierke (I think?) in the intro kinda suggests that they will. Not sure what I think about them including Puck though… I thought sometimes the humor was funny but sometimes it felt mismatched with the tone of the series, especially compared to the first story arc.


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