Wow, it’s been over a year since my last post. A detailed update is overdue, but first I’m excited to say that Transistor is out today! I joined Supergiant Games in June last year as artist #3, primarily responsible for VFX/motion graphics and UI art. After a busy 11 months, the game was released today on PS4 and Steam. Check out the Launch Trailer we put up last Friday too!

2 thoughts on “Transistor”

  1. Hey there Josh, I’ve heard lots of good things about you from Jen and Camilo. I just beat Transistor last night and wanted to say the work you did on it is FANTASTIC. The way the motion graphic effects enhance the artwork is positively gorgeous and it made me want to never stop playing the game. I can tell that every time I play the game I’ll be noticing new details.

    Seeing the new motion graphic effects on the function combinations was almost more motivation for me than actually using them! Seriously, the work you did made me want to eat the game it looked so delicious.

    Congratulations! 😀


    1. Thanks for all the positive feedback, Derek! Means a lot coming from a fellow motion graphics artist =) I had a lot of fun animating all the weapon and environment fx; unlocking new spells/attacks/abilities and testing their animations has always been one of my favorite parts of gaming in general so it was a goal to make each one exciting and visually distinct. I must say it’s been great working with Jen and Camilo as well – hard to go wrong adding polish to their excellent artwork & animation.


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