Pardon the dust

I’m in the process of transferring my site away from a slow older server to  After it got hit with some automated pharmacy web-malware a couple of months ago I decided I didn’t want to be a “webmaster” anymore and would rather pay for a professional service to manage that stuff for me.

There’s a fair amount of work to do and obviously tons of things to fix.  I’m considering removing my gallery because it’s full of outdated work, though like most busy artists with families the majority of my creative artistic output goes into professional work now.  Anyway, got my old posts transferred but looks like all the images are going to have to be updated manually.

2 thoughts on “Pardon the dust”

  1. I found you 10+ years ago, and I feel excited I’ve found you again! I used to have everything your art and music backed up, up until a few HDDs failed. I feel sad at not being able to access your old work. I’d love the chance to. Please make it happen.

    One of my favorite pieces of art you made was called “Hanna” I believe…the one with the butterfly landing on her nose.

    I’m glad you’re still at it. 🙂

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    1. Cool, thanks for dropping a line! I finally mustered up the motivation to get all my old music online and made a YouTube playlist here:

      If you’re looking for old artwork you can probably find it on my dA gallery here:

      With the exception of “Hana” as it was released in an iCE art pack:

      Happy new year!

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