3 thoughts on “Observer – Out Now”

  1. hey, just wondering
    how work on the
    new album is going?
    do you have
    a working title?
    i can’t imagine what
    it will sound like

    “everything is
    until it is done”

    i check a lot
    on bandcamp
    and have yet to find
    anything near your style
    but it’s also mine
    i call it neonhouse
    spectral art
    that goes off in any
    direction imaginable
    true freedom
    of expression

    what’s family life like?
    my wife got pregnant
    but did an abortion
    in the 7:th month
    otherwise she and the
    baby’d been dead…
    the fetus was eating
    her from the inside
    i was so happy
    called her
    all the time
    (now i just
    call her baby)
    and wrote and
    created a lot
    to her

    she’s made me
    grow so much
    as she says
    as a person
    as an emphatic being
    and as an artist

    and just by accepting me
    and my faults
    and loving my wonders
    like no-one else ever
    we must be twinflames

    my wife even said i
    should start a podcast
    now i’ve created
    sixteen episodes
    with generative music
    in the background
    and reverb on
    that dull speech!

    i still listen to your works
    though now it’s mostly
    all flacs put on shuffle
    though i shift towards lofi
    chillhop & dreamstep

    // maintainer of the
    defunct darkhalo fansite
    all that’s left is the review
    of the latest album

    metaphysical poet
    and music editor at
    radio totalnormal
    since 2012

    “fred musik
    för evigt”
    – cafe del mar


    1. Hi Tomas,

      Thanks for the message. New album’s coming along quite well. I have about 15 tracks mostly finished, plus many more in progress. Now that it’s getting close to completion I’ve been trying to coalesce the subconscious ideas into a unified theme. I think I’m going to try to finish one or two more and then attempt some mixing and mastering to the best of my ability.

      Work and family life have kept me predictably busy as usual. My family’s doing fine, everyone’s tired of being stuck at home due to the pandemic, but certainly feeling fortunate that we’re all in good health and my wife and I are able to continue working.

      Very sorry to hear about your wife and child, that sounds like an awfully traumatic experience. I hope you’re both doing okay and that you’ve been able to find some solace in music and creative expression.

      I read your review of “Observer” – it’s both motivating and humbling to know there are listeners like yourself who take the time to listen deeply and understand my music well. Not to mention, taking time to write out a thoughtful response! Really appreciate it. Day-to-day it often feels like I’m creating in a vacuum, so it’s heartening to hear that my little contributions to the vast sea of electronic music on the internet reached someone who listened and understood and felt something too.




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