Generative Art Dump

Sometime late last spring I got completely hooked on Factorio and ended up pouring some hundreds of hours into it across several playthroughs. After launching my first rocket (i.e., beating the game,) I found myself left with a lingering desire to create complex systems that work harmoniously with one another. I ended up channeling that desire into getting reacquainted with Processing and diving back into generative art for the first time since a certain controversial entrepreneur single-handedly marked the death knell for Flash on the web.

As I continued experimenting I found a manifesto for this series loosely forming in my subconscious mind, and ultimately crystallized those thoughts into a series of guidelines:

  • Harness the power of the medium to automate that which would be tedious to create by hand or using traditional techniques
  • Celebrate the beauty of geometry
  • Strike a balance between sterile accuracy and natural chaos
  • Strike a balance between pleasant minimalism and fractal complexity
  • Take inspiration from nature
  • Playfully balance composition and repetition
  • Avoid simply recreating well-established looks and techniques typical of the medium

So here is a sizable dump of images from this journey:

And, as I used to do so many years ago, I ended up creating a series of desktop wallpapers as well. These are in 4k (3840×2160) and are intentionally dark and low contrast so as to be easy on the eyes during night hours.

Recently I’ve lost some steam on this project as I’ve been working on some new music, but I’m sure I’ll return to it someday.

2 thoughts on “Generative Art Dump”

  1. this would be great to turn into a book. with creamcoloured / textured paper. give to some friends, or just your lady. (sorry for making you delete things when i comment)


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