A Million Drops

So, two and a half years after the release of “Phase Shift”, I finished another album. Though it’s again something of a compilation of individual tracks I’ve done over the time period instead of an intentional collection, I feel it’s definitely more focused and cohesive than my previous effort. This is partly due to an attempt to narrow down my sound and stick with the kinds of elements I really enjoy rather than just experiment, and partly due to a sort of last minute attempt to create a continuous experience and stick them all together with a bunch of ambient samples and chord washes a la Future Sound of London’s ISDN and Dead Cities, two of my all-time favorite albums.

Available streaming on soundcloud, and download via bandcamp.

6 thoughts on “A Million Drops”

  1. I love it.

    I was listening through some old mp3s an hour ago, when I found an analog snow bunny girl from 2004. Thought I’d try to find some more music by the artist, and lucky me.


  2. A fan ever since the early days of Trax In Space, cirka 2000… Still very delighted to hear new work from a source of much inspiration. You have always had magical talent that warms the heart. Cheers from Finland. -Saboteur


  3. JOSH! Thank you for creating your Bandcamp account! I am planning on purchasing ALL of your albums for a very generous price each very shortly within the next few weeks. AMAZING work my friend. Keep up the great work. Please let me know if you have a Facebook fan/artist page or a personal page to stay in touch with. Cheers!


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